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Colorado Collector Car Council News


Report by Ernie Tangye

The CCCC President’s meeting was held at Lincoln Tech College on Wednesday, March 6, 2019. The Thunderbird club was well-represented by four officers. The Air & Ground Show and Swap Meet, sponsored by the CCCC, August 3, 2019, at the Jefferson County Airport, will have vintage aircraft doing fly-bys and ground activities. The Mile High Buick club will be the featured car show. The primary topic of discussion was getting young people interested in car shows and restorations. Two speakers talked about media exposure to encourage younger people to learn more about car clubs and activities involving cars. Hagerty Insurance has worked at involving young people by Youth Judging at car shows and Ride and Drive programs such as manual shift transmissions. They use car clubs to assist
in these programs. Leo Boyle, the CCCC Legislative Council, talked about the 2019 Legislature. They have presented 409 bills; some of the bills that could affect car collectors are:
HB19-1067 Concerning motor vehicle windows to transmit a minimum level of light.
SB19-092 Concerning a prohibition on using an illuminated check engine light as the sole criteria for failure of an emission test.
There are other bills concerning electric vehicles and tax credits.
Discussion of the Havana Cruise will be coming soon. Greg Akiyama will be updating that program.