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VTCI – What’s in it for you?

  • The biggest thing VTCI provides are the people that make up the organization from around the world who share the common interest you do with Thunderbirds. Yes, that isn’t something you can put in your tool box. However, no matter where you go in life or the world there’s a contact point that has similar interests. Next, there’s the knowledge and parts that are made available. The SCOOP provides technical articles and information along with access to the Forum to address specific questions. All this for $2.91 per month ($35 per year) for membership which is less than a cup of coffee.
  • Well organized Thunderbird events throughout the US and Canada with quality standards in judging
  • Subscription to “The Thunderbird Scoop” an award-winning magazine that provides members with exciting color photography; On its cover, member-owned T-birds and articles which focus on the many facets of owning, restoring and maintaining a T-bird, and columns which feature some of the best writers in the T-bird hobby. Thunderbird Scoop focuses strictly on T-birds no irrelevant fluff or filler- just good, solid information which T-bird owners want and use.
  • Technical publications
  • Advice and Information
  • Insurance for VTCI sanctioned Events –This alone can save Individuals and Chapters even if a minor fender bender occurs
  • Vendor Discounts

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VTCI Southwest Regional Director
Jim Merritt
Phone: 303.472-1328
✴ Contact Jim for  information on VTCI membership and upcoming events

VTCI 2018 Events

Check out some of the photos from the VTCI 50th Anniversary Event in Oklahoma

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