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We didn’t have any new members join us in the past month but I would like to point out that over the past 12 months we had 19 new members join our club. It is great to see our club be so active and attract new members as we have, so keep participating and spreading the word about our club. Jim & I just attended the 2018 VTCI International in Tulsa OK and we had a great time. It was good to see friends that we only see once a year and I want to congratulate our newsletter editor, Barb Herbel-Hendricks, for her Gold award she received for RMTC’s newsletter. She works so hard to put out our newsletter so please let her know how much you appreciate all the hard work she does on our behalf. Great job Barb!!

Just a reminder:

For the past two years RMTC paid membership dues to VTCI for all club members. As of 2018 it is now the responsibility of each member to renew their own annual membership to VTCI. The VTCI membership form can be downloaded from our website,, or from the VTCI website We hope you will continue your membership to our international club.

Don’t forget to wear your name tag at all club events. If you don’t have a name tag, or, if you want to switch from a pin closure to a ma gnetic closure, or, if you just want the updated name tag style, please call me and I’ll order one for you. There is a $12.50 charge for each name tag. Please keep us up to date with your e-mail address because annual dues reminders will be sent via e-mail.

Cecilia Merritt, RMTC Membership Director
RMTC Membership Director


P.O. Box 620284
Littleton, CO 80162-0284


To download a new membership application in PDF format


To download a renewal membership form in PDF format