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Please join me in welcoming our newest members!

Stuart & Rosa Claussen from Denver, CO. Stuart & Rosa own a 1962 Silver Mink convertible, and found RMTC on the internet. Welcome, Stuart & Rosa! We are looking forward to meeting you. Jim & Marilyn Osterhoff from Littleton, CO. Jim & Marilyn own a red & white 1956 convertible. Welcome to the club! We’re looking forward to meeting you, too! Miley & Pamela Betts from Highlands Ranch, CO. Miley & Pamela own a Starmist Blue 1957 hardtop and were referred to our club by Greg Akiyama. Thanks, Greg, and welcome Miley & Pamela! David Collins from Denver, CO. David owns a red 1964 Thunderbird, and also was referred to our club by Greg Akiyama. Thanks again, Greg, and welcome David! Bill McMurry from Castle Pines, CO. Bill owns a black 2004, and found our club website on the internet. Welcome, Bill, we are looking forward to meeting you!
After our Annual Picnic and Elections meeting in July, I will be leaving the Board of Directors. I held the Secretary position from 2005 until 2009 when I became the Membership Director. It has been my privilege to serve with the Officers and other Directors. Wayne Shmitka has graciously agreed to take over the position. He will be a great asset to the team. See you at club picnic!


Pat Potter, RMTC Membership Director

P.O. Box 620284
Littleton, CO 80162-0284

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