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Please join me in welcoming our newest members!

Rick & Tita Jergensen from Arvada, CO. Rick & Tita own a 1964 convertible, and were referred to our club by Don Reinke II. Welcome, Rick & Tita! We are looking forward to meeting you. Thanks to Don for the referral.
Abel & Dawn Ramos from Aurora, CO. Abel & Dawn own a blue 1962 hardtop and learned about our club at the Havana Cruise. Welcome to the club, Abel & Dawn! We’re looking forward to meeting you!
Vic Cionetti from Denver, CO. Vic has a platinum silver 2004 and found our club through a Google search. Welcome Vic! Mark Schall and Traci Trumble-Schall from Denver, CO. Mark & Traci have a light Prairie Tan 1997 LX, and were referred to the club by Mark’s dad, Brad Schall. Thanks, Brad and Joan, and a big welcome to Mark & Traci!

We all owe Pat Potter a debt of gratitude for the last eight years volunteering to be our club Membership Director. I will be taking over this position as of August 1st. I can only hope that I will be able to fill Pat’s shoes and continue to do the job of which we have become accustomed. Thank you, Pat! Please make note of my email address:

Don’t forget to wear your name tag at all club events. If you don’t have a name tag, or, if you want to switch from a pin closure to a magnetic closure, or, if you just want the updated name tag style, please call me and I’ll order one for you. There is an $11.00 charge for each name tag.

See you at the next event!

                    Wayne Shmitka,  RMTC Membership Director



P.O. Box 620284
Littleton, CO 80162-0284
303 690-1159

To download a membership application in PDF format

To download a membership renewal form in PDF format