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We are down to a handful of memberships that are coming due in March and April. Those members will be getting their reminders soon via e-mail. During the past year when realigning everyone to a June 30th
membership expiration date some memberships expire June 30, 2019 and some expire June 30, 2020. Since there may be some confusion as to when your membership expires I will send out a notice to all members to remind them if their dues are due again by June 30, 2019 or not. I will work on getting this reminder out in April so if your dues are due this year you have plenty of time to get them sent in. If you still have a question about your membership please don’t hesitate to contact me. Please keep us up-to-date with your e-mail addresses. Even if you get your newsletter mailed to you,
throughout the year we need to notify members of things happening within our club that can’t make the newsletter so we send out e-mail blasts with this information so please remember to notify us of any changes in your address or e-mail address. Don’t forget to wear your name tag at all club events. If you don’t have a name tag, or, if you want to switch from a pin closure to a magnetic closure, or, if you just want the updated name tag style, please call me and I’ll order one for you. There is a $12.50 charge for each name tag.

Cecilia Merritt, RMTC Membership Director
RMTC Membership Director

P.O. Box 620284
Littleton, CO 80162-0284

To download a new membership application in PDF format


To download a renewal membership form in PDF format