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Our Charitable Giving & Volunteer activities

Santa’s Little Hackers is an annual event put on by MaxMods, a 501(c)3 not-for-profit corporation chartered to ‘make the world accessible for all’ by identifying adaptations and modifications to make the world work for
individuals living with disabilities. Using a seasonal toy drive and many volunteers toys are adapted making them accessible to individuals
with disabilities. With simple modifications to the electronics of toys disabled children can play independently. Toys are rarely designed with the
needs of those with different abilities in mind. By making simple modifications to the electronics of toys, the toys can be enjoyed by children and adults with limited fine motor skills and physical abilities.
Commercially switch-adapted toys are available from online and catalog retail sources for $50 to $100 per toy. SLH founders were walking
through a big-box retailer one day and saw an unadapted toy their son had wanted. The unadapted toy at retail price was $15 but the adapted toy online was $80. After buying the unadapted toy and adding a few dollars in parts, their son ended up with a switch-adapted toy for a fraction of  cost.

MaxMods was born from a group of therapists, parents and techies brainstorming how to make a difference in the lives of children and adults. The goal of MaxMods is to provide maximum modifications to individuals living with disabilities by adapting the world to make it accessible to them.