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Our Charitable Giving


Click on the picture to go to their website           Email at:     303-536-0118

The Wild Animal Sanctuary
2999 Co Rd 53
Keenesburg, CO 80643

Barb Herbel Hendricks and Sheri Muelhbauer serve as volunteer workers at the Wild Animal Sanctuary in Keenesburg.
We were very honored to present the $400 RMTC donation from our Holiday party to the Sanctuary. We can assure you the donation will be well spent. The sanctuary provides life-long homes to animals that would otherwise have no place to go. The majority of the animals are there because the courts deemed their previous living conditions as deplorable, harsh and inhumane. A few animals are there because owners relinquished them. The animals’ stories are posted on the sanctuary’s website and some are highlighted in the Tour Guide. The sanctuary does not go out looking for animals to “adopt” and covers about 720 acres with roughly 450 animals calling it home. Bears account for almost half of the population. When the bears are not hibernating, 45,000 lbs of food per week is needed and that cuts back to about 25,000 lbs per week during bear hibernation times. That is a huge amount of food and a lot of work is needed to make it ready for the animals. Donated meats are sorted, ground, frozen, removed from freezing containers, and then fed to the animals. The diet has specific USDA requirements and the animals are not fed rotten meat or road killed animals. The full-time staff (about 50 folks) work very hard
and are supported by about 150 volunteer workers. The entire crew is devoted to animal welfare and all are committed to providing the best care possible for the animals. The sanctuary is supported entirely with voluntary donations. Thank you for your contribution.