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President’s Message

I’m back!! I want to THANK everyone for your overwhelming support!! My recent heart attack and triple by-pass with an aortic valve replacement was definitely a life-changing event. Your texts, phone calls, visits and over 75 get well cards tell the story of a club made up of loving and caring people. I want to THANK those that sent my family food and those that picked me up at 6:10am and took me to dialysis (Laurie Sarno and Dave Stambaugh}. I also want to THANK Greg Akiyama for picking me up and taking me home. My words of wisdom and experience are: If you feel pressure and pain in your chest with shortness of breath, light-headed-ness and began to sweat, call 911 right away EVEN if these symptoms start to go away!!

The RMTC March events began with the March 3rd Specialty Auto Auction in Loveland. 21 RMTC drivers adorned the teal driver’s hats and drove 115 cars over the auction block. Two of our members worked the auction tables! THANK-YOU to everyone for helping out and adding funds to our club treasury!! The St, Patrick’s Day Parade in Sedalia on March 18th was a lot of fun for the 11 RMTC members that drove 9 T-Birds in the parade before parking and feasting on all you could eat corned beef and cabbage with a beer. This was an event I really hated to miss!! THANKS to Jim Merritt for arranging for the RMTC to take part in this celebration. The March 24th, Mystery Cruise #52 was finalized by Greg Akiyama (Greg stepped up while I was down). The cruise began at the Lookin Good Restaurant and went east to the Aurora Veteran’s Museum (This was our 2nd attempt since it snowed 6 inches during the February Mystery Cruise). Next stop was the Aurora History Museum to view the displays, which included a photo history of Colfax Blvd, its businesses and legacy. Last part of the cruise was a scenic drive to Bennett to feast at the High Plain’s Diner. The 22 RMTC members with 3 guests were treated as royalty by the staff and waitresses!! I was told the food and service was excellent and that everyone enjoyed the private room and companionship!! Can you imagine the local’s thoughts when they saw 15 T-Birds in the parking lot?

The April 14th tour of Coors Baseball Field was the last of the tours of Denver’s major sport stadiums. (Mile High Stadium on 5-10-14 and Pepsi Center on 5-7-16) Twenty-five RMTC members met at 10:45am on the corner of 20th and Blake St. to get their tour tickets. We were taken to the major restaurants, roof top outside lounging area, exclusive suites and party rooms, the press box, the indoor batting cages, the visitor dressing room, the laundry room, hall of fame in stars and finally through the umpire’s tunnel to the playing field. We were told that Coors Field was the 3rd oldest stadium in MLB! The Rockies hold the record for the largest attendance and coldest opening day in MLB!! Everyone received a Rockies schedule and a 3 in X 5 in Charlie Blackman card with his stats at the end of the 90-minute tour. The group headed to 20th and Market to have lunch at the Downtown Tavern. Even with all my contacts, they were not prepared for our group!! The employee on duty, Andy, did a great job of covering the error and took great care of our group. Next major tour will be Red Rocks in 2019!! The last event for April is the Mystery Cruise #53 to who knows where on April 28th. Reminder there is a $5 fee involved!!

May events include: Learn how to drive a Model A and T on SUNDAY May 6th; Come and tour the Clive Cussler Museum on May 12th from 10am till 12:30 pm; Mystery Cruise #54 to Canon City on May 19th be sure to send in your registration form NOW; T-Bird Appreciation Day is May 20th final stop is the Brass Armadillo in Arvada; final May event is the Commerce City Memorial Day Parade on the 28th. More details about these events can be found elsewhere in this newsletter or call me at 303-589-2232. This year’s Bird Bath is all set and Albuquerque is the destination, Sept. 14-17 is the date. If you are planning on going, be sure to make your hotel reservations ASAP. Any questions call Laurie Sarno 720-244-4921. The Officers and Directors of the RMTC put in a lot of effort to organize club events. Their only reward is seeing you at these planned gathering and spending time, sharing life stories. PLEASE plan on attending as many RMTC events as you can. We have put together a great variety of venues to choose from.


                                                                 T-Bird driving time is here !!!!                             Don Reinke II,  RMTC President 2003-2018