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President’s Message

The Speciality Auto Auction in Loveland was on March 2nd . Sixteen RMTC members and 3 guest drivers helped drive the 90 plus cars over the auction block on a very snowy day. THANKS to everyone that donated their time to help put a few extra dollars in the RMTC treasury. Sedalia residents were treated to a 13 T-Bird, double filed, rolling display for their annual St. Patrick’s Day Parade!! The RMTC had 16 members and 4 guests on board all waving at the surprisingly large numbers of cheering spectators. Afterwards, 12 RMTC members went to O’Brian’s Café, a local eatery, for corned beef, cabbage and potatoes. Jim & Cecelia Merritt were kind enough to give me a birthday card which read “you were born on St. Patrick’s Day” (my actual birthday is March 21st!!) I laid the card down on the table as my food arrived, the waitress asked whose birthday is it and the table all pointed at me. I decided to play along to keep it simple and the waitress wished me a happy birthday and a little side hug. About half way through my meal, someone loudly asked “Who is Don?”. Once again, my table blows my cover, so I raise my hand and stand up. The entire restaurant full of locals begin singing “Happy Birthday” while the waitress walks toward our table with a cake topped with “Happy Birthday Don”. Everyone in the restaurant continued to wish me a happy birthday, shook my hand or gave me a hug as they left. Small towns have a very unique type of hospitality with great people. Lesson learned: What may start as something simple quickly can catch you off guard!! I suppose that I will have to “celebrate” my birthday on St. Patrick’s Day when participating in this March 17th parade in Sedalia!! The Special tour of Red Rocks Amphitheatre set for March 23rd , surprisingly only had 22 people register even though I held spots for 50 people. I began arranging this tour back in November 2018 and I am a bit disappointed considering the amount of time it took to arrange
everything!! I will let you know more about this event’s outcome in the next Thunderword!! Mystery Cruise #60 will be on March 30th. As usual meet at the Lookin Good restaurant (1stand Sheridan Blvd.) at 8am for breakfast with a departure time of 9am to “Who knows where??”.  The Lincoln Tech Classic Car Show will be on April 6th. More information can be found elsewhere in this newsletter or call Steve Hatch at 303-929-5813. The 61st Mystery Cruise is scheduled for April 27th to again “Who knows where??”. This year we will be working the Havana Cruise on June 8th. If you would like to help distribute event programs or help with parking cars, PLEASE call Greg Akiyama. RMTC will also be selling Cruise T-Shirts, PLEASE call Laurie Sarno if you wish to assist her.

Start making your vacation plans and mark your calendars for this year’s “BIRD BATH” to Cheyenne, Wyoming. September 13-16. Laurie Sarno has finished up all the final details and has put together a very exciting series of events for us!! So make your hotel reservation now and be part of this year’s BIRD BATH. More information can be found elsewhere in this newsletter. As you can see, most of the various events for this year have now been planned!! We only need Oct. Mystery Cruise volunteer?? The RMTC Officers and Directors have worked very hard providing the membership with a variety of different activities that will hopefully get you excited and out to join other members. The ONLY way we will know that all of our planning and work is paying off is by your participation!! PLEASE plan to attend as many RMTC functions as you can. Last year 60% of the membership attended at least one scheduled event. I am hoping that we can raise the participation to 75%?? Currently we are at 21% for 2019.

Time to let the fun begin!!,
Don Reinke II RMTC President 2003 -2020