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President’s Message

President’s Message

     Our 2017 Calendar of events ended with the funeral services for Wayne Shmitka on December 21st. Twenty-one RMTC members attended the service and the reception where Mickey “Da Boogie Man” played music requested by Wayne. It was great to see the presence of so many people to honor and celebrate Wayne’s life. Ironically, this was also the day another RMTC member passed away. Tom Joyce had been a long time member of the RMTC and he attended a few RMTC events over the years with his 66          T-Bird. More about Tom can be found elsewhere in this newsletter.

      Most of the 2018 activities and events are now planned or are in the final stages. Our January event to watch Peter and the Starcatcher performance was on the Jan 27 in Littleton with reservations for 20 people. February begins with the Tri-State Swap Meet on the 3rd and 4th. The RMTC will have a table and club information available to participants. THANK-YOU goes to Wayne Maddox for making room for RMTC in his space. I usually receive free tickets for Sunday so if you would like to go, call me at 303-589-2232 and I will send you tickets. This year I have added a FEBRUARY MYSTERY CRUISE to the calendar. The venue we will visit is closing March 1st and may not reopen, so put FEBRUARY 10th on your calendar and meet at the Lookin Good Restaurant (1st and Sheridan Blvd) at 8am for breakfast with a departure time of 9am. February 24th is the annual Crazy-Crock Off at Hope Methodist Church from 11am till 3pm. Plenty of great food, club scrapbooks, the general store, photo projections, and fantastic club members will be on hand. Hopefully with an ALL T-Bird Show in the parking lot, weather permitting!! The RMTC has two events planned for March. The St. Patrick’s Parade on the 17th in Sedalia, CO and the 52nd Mystery Cruise on the March 24 to who knows where??

      Be on the lookout for future events and registration forms for the April 14th Tour of Coors Field, the May 12th Tour of author Clive Cussler’s Museum of Cars from the 20’s, 30’s, 40’s, 50’s and 60’s in Arvada, T-Bird Appreciation Day on May 20th and the February through October Mystery Cruises to who knows where?? August 15 – 18 will be the VTCI International in Tulsa Oklahoma celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the VTCI. We will be planning a caravan to this event. Laurie Sarno has worked very hard organizing this year’s BIRD BATH headed to Albuquerque, NM on September 14th – 17th. More information can be found elsewhere in this newsletter and registration forms in future Thunderwords.

      2018 looks to be a very busy year for the RMTC membership!! The Officers and Directors work very hard to put together and plan RMTC events and activities. SO PLEASE plan on attending as many club events as you can. If you have an idea for an event or want to plan one, PLEASE let me know or one of the board members.

Celebrating another NEW YEAR with old T-Birds,