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President’s Message

Dave Stambaugh did a great job putting together Mystery Cruise #65 on August 24th! The 13 T-Birds caravaned to the West Metro Fire Facility located at Hampden & Kipling. Twenty-four RMTC members and one guest were given a private tour of the buildings and shown the lengths they go through to prepare for any emergency situation. Very impressive!! After the tour we drove to 4G’s Mexican Restaurant for lunch. Thanks again, to Dave for putting together this Mystery Cruise!

Nine T-Birds from the RMTC converged on Windsor to take part in this year’s Car Show. There were 17 members from Denver and the north with four guests. The weather was extremely hot but 300 classic cars made it to this show. Thanks to Bob Harris for arranging the meeting spot and providing instructions to participants. This year the Labor Day Louisville Parade had 14 RMTC birds with 17 members and one guest participating. After the parade, most of the members went to Chili’s in Louisville for lunch.

Almost 150 cars were auctioned off at this year’s Specialty Auto Auction at the Ranch in Loveland. 15 RMTC members and two guests were on hand to sort through, organize and drive cars for Specialty. Thanks to Jim Merritt for organizing the drivers and to everyone that helped make this auction a success.

The 48th ALL FORD DAY put on by the Early Ford V-8 Club at Sheridan High School was another great tribute to the Ford Motor Club. Around 250 fords from Model T’s to a Ford GT could be found in the parking lot!! The RMTC had 13 T-Birds on display with 23 club members as participants.

Finally, this year’s BIRD BATH to Cheyenne was a great success!! Laurie Sarno’s hard work made this another great time for the 13 RMTC members and 6 guests. We had 9 T-Birds from 1957 to 2004 participating!! The Fairway Marriott Hotel was outstanding and the rooms were beautiful. Friday night we hung out in the lobby and had a food truck in the parking lot to order dinner. Saturday began with a tour of Cheyenne’s Train Depot and Museum. Lunch was on our own followed by a self-tour of the Cheyenne History Museum. Dinner was pre-ordered and delivered to the hotel. The rest of the evening people socialized with each other, our friends from Cheyenne and Texas. Sunday morning was a chartered trolly tour of Cheyenne to see important homes, parks, gov’t buildings, Frontier Days locations and a Big Boy locomotive. After the tour many headed home to Denver, but some stayed to watch the Bronco Game and enjoy some Godfather’s Pizza. THANKS to Laurie & Dave Sarno for all the hard work done to make this year’s BIRD BATH an enjoyable time!!

Upcoming events include Mystery Cruise #66 on September 28th, this is our traditional FALL COLORS cruise. October 12 will be the annual Pumpkin Follies and Goat Show at Reinke Bro’s in Littleton. We need at least 20 T-birds on display for this show. Main dish will be provided, PLEASE bring a side dish or dessert. October 26th will be the next Mystery Cruise to “who knows where??” More details can be found elsewhere in this newsletter or call me at 303-589-2232.

The RMTC Officers and Directors have worked very hard providing the membership with a variety of different activities that will hopefully get you excited and out to join other members. The ONLY way we will know that all of out planning and work is paying off is by your participation!! PLEASE plan to attend as many RMTC functions as you can. Last year 60% of the membership attended at least one scheduled event. I am hoping that we can raise the participation to 75% BUT currently, we are only at 50% with only 3 months left in this year!!

So far 2019 has been an exciting year,
Don Reinke II RMTC President 2003 – 2020