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President’s Message

WOW!! This summer the temperatures have been HOT but RMTC members have come out and enjoyed the summer events!! The FOMOCO Owner’s Club Picnic was not a regular RMTC scheduled event but word of mouth convinced 18 RMTC members and two guests to bring 11 T-Birds to the June 24th picnic for a club display. There were around 75 FORDS that parked on the grass for this year’s picnic. RMTC will definitely add this event to our calendar for 2019. Mystery Cruise #56 on June 30th, organized by Debbie Spickard, involved 16 T-Birds carrying 35 RMTC members and 3 guests to the Rambler Ranch in Elizabeth, CO. The owner, Terry Gale, has expanded his collection of Hudson, AMC autos and Kelvinator appliances built by American Motors. He has constructed a 1960’s home with all the right time-period furniture, appliances, etc. Famous Dave’s catered this event with plenty of BBQ pork and chicken. Everyone had a great time wandering through the three buildings and saw his new empty 16,000 sq. ft. addition to the Rambler Ranch to be opened in September full of AMC Jeeps and Eagles. THANK-YOU Debbie Spickard for making Mystery Cruise #56 a very successful event.

The 4th of July parade in Highlands Ranch was once again well attended by RMTC members. This year 15 T-Birds carrying 24 RMTC members and 7 guests drove up and then down Highlands Ranch Parkway. After the parade most of the group gathered at the Highlands Ranch Red Robin for lunch. THANK YOU Jim Merritt for registering the RMTC for this parade and making the arrangements for lunch. The RMTC celebrated 38 years of bliss at our annual picnic, elections, and awards at Bear Creek State Park on July 14th. 59 RMTC members and one guest enjoyed a lunch consisting of fried chicken and many side dishes and desserts provided by the participants. Many enjoyed checking out the 23 T-Birds displayed in the parking lot. After lunch, we had our club meeting and elections. All the current directors and officers were reelected to continue serving the RMTC! Cecelia Merritt, Dave Peck, Dave Sarno and Vicki Wilfley were also elected as directors to join the board. Bob Kimball and Ed Ryan were given wooden plaques thanking them for serving on the board for so many years. All other Officers and Directors were given certificates of appreciation for their hard work for the past year. Finally, participation awards went to Bruce & Cristy Caswell and Ron Leger which included a $25 gift card to their favorite restaurant (King Soopers). This year the highly acclaimed JOHN SAYLOR AWARD went to Laurie Sarno for her hard work for the RMTC that is beyond her job as Country Store Director!! Laurie has found T-Bird parts for many members, organized food for the Mecum Auction and chicken for the 38th annual picnic, sold T-Shirts at the Havana Cruise and organized this year’s BIRD BATH to Albuquerque, NM on Sept. 14th – 17th. Laurie has proven herself valuable to the RMTC and truly has earned the right to be recognized as the 2018 JOHN SAYLOR AWARD inductee. CONGRATULATIONS!! The $200 gift card to the Brass Armadillo Antique Mall was won by Ron & Karen Theisman!! LUCKY!!

Upcoming events include: the 57th Mystery Cruise on July 28th to who knows where?? The buffet is $10 and museum admission costs $8. Hope to see you there!! The HORSEFEATHERS CAR SHOW at RM Regional Airport on August 4th; Frank’s Pizza Car Show on Aug. 12th; Mystery Cruise #58 on Aug. 25th, will include a Poker Run to who knows where?? the Windsor Car Show on Sept. 2nd; and the Louisville Labor Day Parade on Sept. 3rd. Applications and details for these events have been in included in this and previous newsletters. TIME IS RUNNING OUT for those wanting to be a part of this year’s BIRD BATH to Albuquerque, NM Sept. 14th – 17th. Call Laurie for details at 720-244-4921.


PLEASE remember that the RMTC Officers and Directors work very hard to organize and plan club events!!Our only way of knowing that our hard work is appreciated is by your participation in RMTC events!! Hope you will show your support by attending as many RMTC functions as you can!!


 Great clubs come from its members participation!
Don Reinke II President 2003 – 2018