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President’s Message

President’s Message

         It is that time of the year again!! Lately it seems like the months are flying by and another year is about to begin. I am writing this message before the Thanksgiving Holiday, so I want to wish everyone in the RMTC the best for Turkey Day.

        The Mystery Cruise #50 was both fun and educational on Oct 28th. The Denver group left the Lookin Good Restaurant with detailed driving instructions but no hint of why we were headed to LaSalle, CO which is a few miles south of Greeley on Hwy 85. No one, even the cruise’s organizer, Dave Stambaugh could have guessed that the RMTC would endure a 45 minute delay in LaSalle waiting for trains to clear the tracks so we could continue east to meet the Northern RMTC members at the Fleece Factory of Colorado!! The RMTC had 16 T-Birds with 39 members and 3 guests ready to learn about the production of FLEECE. We were given a tour of the facility including demonstrations of the process and machines involved in the making of alpaca wool. This part of Colorado has several ranchers that specialize in raising Alpacas and sheep for their wool. Some of the ranches including the Fleece Factory are a rescue facility for abused or abandoned animals. After the tour we visited the store where local items are produced from wool and fleece. We also toured through the barn where we were introduced to a very uncooperative Alpaca. The next stop was at JEM’s Restaurant in LaSalle for lunch. Each driver was given a 50th Mystery Cruise dash plaque (designed by Greg Akiyama and produced by the Dasslers) along with a list of all the 50 Mystery Cruise destinations, venues and organizer’s name.(See photos and page 6) After ordering, door prizes were given to those with the lucky winning tickets. Everyone seemed to enjoy the cruise, the venue for lunch and the companionship of other RMTC members. THANKS goes to Dave Stambaugh for organizing this cruise and his patience!! This was the last Mystery Cruise for 2017. If you have an idea or would like to organize a 2018 cruise PLEASE let me know ASAP or call me at 303-589-2232.

         The only event on the calendar for November was the Veteran’s Day Parade in Longmont on the 11th. Nineteen T-Birds carrying 31 members and 4 guests drove down Main St. in Longmont to pay tribute to all Veteran’s!! After the parade, most of the group gathered at the Chili’s in Lafayette for lunch and time to socialize. THANKS to goes to Bob Kimball for making all the arrangements for the RMTC. Hope you made your reservations and sent in a check for the Holiday Brunch on Dec.3rd. The Mt. Vernon sight has always been a great venue for our Holiday celebration and enjoyment of our club members and their families. The RMTC Officers and Directors are looking forward to seeing you and your family at this last gathering for 2017.

Happy Holidays to ALL and a Happy 2018,
Don Reinke II, RMTC President