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Contact Us

Contact Us


RMTC President: Don Reinke II :  303-589-2232
✴ Contact Don for general information about our club and upcoming events

RMTC Vice President: Jim Merritt: 303-472-1328                                              ✴Contact Jim for general information about our club and upcoming events.

RMTC Secretary: Sheri Muehlbauer: 720-841-4163

RMTC Treasurer: Bob Oursler: 303-903-8376



RMTC Membership Director: Cecilia Merritt:  303-472-1328    P.O. Box 620284 Littleton, CO 80162-0284 ✴ Contact Cecilia for membership information

RMTC Newsletter Editor: Barbara Herbel-Hendricks: 303-770-5799              ✴Contact Barbara for newsletter information, advertising, and placing classified ads

RMTC Director: Vacant

RMTC Director: Steve Hatch: 303-929-5813

RMTC  Director:  Ernie Tangye:  303-238-0381

RMTC Director: Dave Sarno: 720-244-4921

RMTC Director & Graphics: Greg Akiyama: 303-680-8623

RMTC Greetings & Hospitality: Sheryl Murphy: 303-512-3333

RMTC Country Store Director: Laurie Sarno:  720-244-4921   ✴ Contact Laurie for information on the Country Store merchandise

RMTC Flickr Webmaster: Bill Clay : 303-627-2946    ✴ Contact Bill for information on the Flickr photo site

Collector Car Council of Colorado Rep: Ernie Tangye: 303 238-0381

RMTC Webmaster: Tracy Smith  ✴ Contact Tracy for website related inquiries or issues

RMTC Website Editor: Debbie Spickard: 303-877-6615  ✴ Contact Debbie for information on the RMTC website site

For info about VTCI, go to: 

For contact information on upcoming events please visit the Calendar page and contact the Event Chairman listed.